Monday, February 13, 2012

Learning to Tell Time with Manipulatives

Learning to tell time can be difficult for some kids. That's why it's important for kids to have lots of practice and learn in a happy, fun environment.

Here are some manipulatives to use with children to make them eager and happy to learn about analog clocks and telling time.

A paper plate or card stock clock will be needed. With the card stock all you need to do is draw a large circle. The numbers can be written in by the student or they could use the self adhesive foam number stickers available at dollar and craft stores. If the numbers are written in, the card stock could be laminated for durability.

Here is a sampling of some fun, inexpensive manipulatives that the kids can use for the hands on the clock.

pipe cleaners


popsicle sticks (2 sizes)

Now some edible manipulatives!



Gummi Worms

With all the munching and giggling going on with these manipulatives, children should be able to enjoy this special 'time' of learning about TIME!

Enjoy math!

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