Friday, February 3, 2012

Learning about Area using Edibles!

On Pinterest (where else!), I saw a cute picture of a lesson where students were using Cheez-It Crackers to learn about AREA. I loved it and of course pinned it!  The lesson comes from Mrs.Gold's 3rd grade classroom. You can view the picture and website here.

Here is my version done with the Cheez-It Crackers that come in the LETTERS of the ALPHABET.

This is what it looks like!

Area = 4 square units
I think this visual representation will help students remember the CONCEPT of AREA as well as the TERM.

Area = 8 square units
Students could write the word  twice and double the area!

Area = 12 square units
.... Or write the word three times to triple the area!

Students could write their own sayings or even their names! If you need a space, flip over a cracker. There are no letters on the back of the Alphabet Cheez-Its.

Area = 10 square units

You can also use Saltines or other square crackers to investigate AREA.

I'm sure the kids can come up with more inventive ways to use the Cheeze-Its with Math. I'd love to hear how else you are using "edibles" in math.

   Have Fun!


  1. Why does food encourage learning? I don't know, but it's true. I'd do math for Cheeze-its!

    Found you on the Sunday Showcase Linky.

  2. Thanks for visiting ..... you should have seen how many Cheez-Its I ate just writing the post!!! :)
    Marcia :)



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