Friday, November 18, 2011

Make a Sand Bottle Timer

This simple, fun activity for kids teaches concepts in Math and Science.
  • measurement
  • time
  • gravity
  • recycling

  • 2 small recycled plastic bottles
  • sand
  • tornado tube connector (cost approx. $3.00) or cardstock/aluminum foil and tape
  • clock with second hand/stopwatch/timer
  • funnel (if available)

    • Remove the labels from 2 clean, clear, plastic bottles. 
    • Have an adult remove any plastic rings that are on the necks of the bottles. 
    • Fill one of the bottles half full of sand.
    • Screw one end of the tornado tube connector onto the bottle filled with sand.
    • Screw the other bottle onto the other end of the tornado tube connector.
    • Turn the bottles over to watch the sand flow into the other bottle.
    • Use a timer/stopwatch/clock with second hand to time how long it takes for the sand to completely flow.
    • It you want the length of time to be longer or shorter, keep adjusting (adding or taking away sand from the bottle.)

    Older students can try to make a timer that is exactly 30 seconds or 1 minute. They can use the timer for various fun tasks

    If you don't have the availability of a tornado tube connector, the kids could use a round piece of cardstock or heavy aluminum foil, the same size as the mouth of the bottles, with a hole punched in the center. Place the cardstock between the bottle openings and tape the bottles together.  The tornado tube connector works the best but the tape can be used as an alternative.

        Have fun with your 'Time in a Bottle'!


    1. Looks like you have some great info here! I'll definitely be back. I'm your new follow from the hop :)

    2. Awesome idea, Marcia! We've actually done these before. Each of the kids did it slightly different then timed their bottles to see how long it took. Thanks for stopping by!

    3. This looks like lots of fun. I'm following you by gfc, twitter and facebook from the Tues Friend Connect Hop. I'd love if you stopped by my blog too. Have a great day!


    4. Thank you Lisa, I followed you back on all 3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
      Marcia :)



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