Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fun with 3D Shapes - Ideas, Activities, and Resources

Are you looking for a few more ideas, activities, or resources for a unit on 3D Shapes?

I have LOTS of blog posts from September and October of 2011 on geometry but to make the 3D Shapes posts easier for you to find, here's a sampling of some of the posts listed below.

Check the list below! Click on any of the links below to go to the specific blog post.

~ Making 3D Shapes with Manipulatives
~ 3D Shapes Videos and Songs
~ 3D Shapes Word Search Puzzle
~ 3D Shapes Crossword Puzzle
~ What is a Cube?
~ What is a Cylinder?
~ What is a Cone?
~ What is a Sphere?
~ What is a Prism?
~ What is a Pyramid?
~ Make an Icosahedron
~ 3D Shape Attributes
~ 3D and 2D Shapes Venn Diagram
~ Nets of 3D Shapes

Have fun with 3D Shapes! :)


  1. oooh I just discovered your blog! Love your counting puzzles! Laura


    1. Thanks Laura! Just found your awesome blog and am now following you! :) Someone just bought all 5 of my counting puzzles! :) If it was you .... Thanks so very much!:)



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