Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What are Birds?

  • Are vertebrates
  • Are warm-blooded
  • Lay eggs
  • Have wings
  • Most fly 


Robin Red Breast


  • Have the students brainstorm any characteristics of  birds that they already know. (See list above.) 

  • Share the above list. (Older students can record this list in their science notebooks.)  

  • Have students brainstorm a list of animals that fit these characteristics.  
          ~ robin
          ~ cardinal
          ~ goldfinch
          ~ owl
          ~ hawk
          ~ seagull

    • Begin a class chart with the students' list of  birds. (Add to the chart daily.) Older students can record in their science notebooks. 

    • Read a book to students about birds or have older students read books individually or with a partner.

    Suggested Books

    Everything Bird: What Kids Really Want to Know about Birds (Kids Faqs)       Bird Watching For Kids - A Special Publication from Bird Watcher's Digest      Backyard Bird Watching for Kids

    About Birds: A Guide for Children      Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides)      Backyard Birds (Peterson Field Guides® for Young Naturalists)

    Extension Activities

    Carson Hawk Kid's Binoculars6x20mm Prismatic BinocularsBackyard Safari Binocs
    • If binoculars are available have students use the binoculars to spot and observe any neighborhood birds.
    • Students could observe and sketch  pictures of a neighborhood bird in their science notebooks/journals.
    • Students could use a camera to take pictures of neighborhood birds.
    • Students could use Bird Field Guides to try to identify neighborhood birds.


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