Monday, July 11, 2011

Song of La Selva Book And Frog Craft

Song of La Selva
Written by Joan Banks
Illustrated by Higgins Bond

Song of La Selva: A Story of a Costa Rican Rain Forest (The Nature Conservancy)

Song of La Selva is a delightful story of a Costa Rican Rain Forest. Its main character is a male strawberry poison dart frog. The wonderful book tells about his journey in one of the world's oldest habitats, the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica.  Through the eyes of this tiny frog, your students/children will get to experience a far away, exotic place as if they were there. They will learn about strawberry frog's life from tadpole to adult frog (the frog life cycle) and experience the biodiversity of the rainforest through the detailed text and beautiful illustrations.

4 page pull-out picture (only 3 are pictured here)

Arts and Crafts Activity

  • frog shape or stencil (can be purchased at a crafts store)
  • red or white construction paper or cardstock
  • black marker
  • paint and brush or crayons (red + blue)
  • scissors
  • googly eyes + glue (optional)

  • Trace the frog shape or use a stencil to draw a frog.
  • Paint or color.  (body - red)  (legs - blue) (eyes -black).
  • Add googly eyes if desired.
  • Cut out your frog and then slightly bend paper down the middle of the frog's back so the body looks slightly raised.

Have fun learning about frogs and the rain forest.


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  3. Another great frog project! Thank you for sharing this idea on The Sunday Showcase!

  4. This book looks beautiful and I love the way that you include a craft to reinforce the message.
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