Saturday, June 4, 2011

What are Mammals?

  • are vertebrates (have a backbone)
  • are warm-blooded animals
  • have hair or fur
  • breathe through lungs
  • give birth to live babies
  • care for their young
  • produce milk for/nurse their babies
  • most live on land (terrestrial)
  • some live in water (aquatic)

  • Have the students brainstorm any characteristics of mammals that they already know. (See list above.)

  • Share the above list of mammal characteristics. (Older students can record this list in their science notebooks.)   
  • Have students brainstorm a list of animals that fit these characteristics. (dogs, cats, chipmunks, lions, bears, giraffes, whales, dolphins, etc.)

          • Begin a class chart with the students' list of mammals. (Add to the chart daily.) Older students can record in their science notebooks. 

          • Read a book to students about mammals or have older students read books individually or with a partner.

                           Suggested Books

                          ~ Is a Camel a Mammal? from the Cat in the Hat Learning Library  (PreK-3)

                          ~Do You Know About Mammals? by Buffy Silverman, Lerner Pub. Co. (Elem.)
                               (Read a review of this book by Books4Learning here.) 

            Do You Know about Mammals? (Lightning Bolt Books: Meet the Animal Groups)


                                ~ DK Eyewitness MAMMAL

                                                             Mammal (DK Eyewitness Books)

            • After reading, have students share any new facts that they learned about mammals. 

            • Finish by having the kids create a fun Arts and Crafts Activity

                        ~ Give older children a selection of arts and crafts materials and have
                            them use their knowledge of mammals and their imaginations to create
                            a mammal (real or imaginary).

                       ~ Younger students can create this great paper towel giraffe created by
                           Follow instructions here.

                       ~ If you prefer, students could create this great toilet paper lion created by  
                           Follow instructions here.


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