Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bill Nye the Science Guy Space Videos

MEET BILL NYE the Science Guy!

If the kids like learning from watching videos, you'll have to borrow Bill Nye the Science Guy Videos from the library or purchase a few for your home or school.  He has many, many videos...all good! He has lots of videos about the Earth and Our Solar System.

I read a biography about Bill Nye. He was both an engineer and a comedian. He has put his love of science and his love of comedy together in his videos for kids!

I've been to a few National Science Teachers' Conventions (Las Vegas and Boston). Bill Nye was at 2 of the events I attended. I only saw him from a distance......the line to actually meet him went on forever and ever. He's very, very, popular with science teachers to say the least!

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After watching the videos have the kids write 3-10 facts that they learned from each video in their science notebooks. Then they can share their favorite facts.

Here are some full and partial clips from Bill Nye videos.

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