Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Multiplication Bingo Game

Kids usually love to play Bingo! So to reinforce the Multiplication Facts  (or any facts)  that students are learning, I created a blank BINGO CARD for the students. It has 9 boxes, so with the FREE space in the middle of the card, students will need to place 8 different PRODUCTS in the blank boxes.

Blank Bingo Card

The teacher and students can list the possible products on a board, paper, in their notebooks, etc.  (Skip counting works great for this!)

Example: If students need practice with the x7 multiplication table, they could list the products of multiplying by 7  (7-14-21-28-35-42-49-56-63-70-77-84).  Then each student needs to pick any 8 products to put on their Bingo Card in random order. (To make the game more fun, let the kids use their crayons, markers, etc. to write their PRODUCTS and decorate their Bingo Cards.)

Sample Bingo Card  - "7" as one of the factors
The students and/or teacher will need to make a set of calling cards:  1x7, 2x7, 3x7, etc.

As students improve with their memorization of the facts they can play Bingo Games where they practice with more than one factor (Example: x6, x7, and x8). This game can be adjusted for the different ability levels.

This blank Bingo Card can also be used with Addition Facts or in many other subjects!

The blank Bingo Card can be found on my website. Just click on the link below then go to Free Worksheets.

~ http://www.LearningWorkroom.com

Have fun with Math!


  1. Love this idea! Will use it with my son as we start to learn multiplication. :)

    1. Thank you! Hope you will both have lots of fun!:)



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