Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Less Than Zero - A Fun Book about Negative Numbers

Less Than Zero by Stuart J. Murphy is just so ADORABLE!!!  It's a great way to introduce your kids to NEGATIVE NUMBERS and combine math with literature.

The main character in the book is Perry the Penguin. Perry wants an ice scooter. Perry's parents told Perry that he would have to save some "clams" and buy his own scooter. Perry works hard to earn some clams but can't resist spending and borrowing clams from friends and ends up with less than zero clams!

Perry keeps track of his clams with a line graph that he made himself on a pad of paper.

As young math students follow along with the funny story they will learn about positive and negative numbers using a simple line graph.

If possible have the kids copy the line graph in the book. The only materials needed would be a piece of lined paper, a ruler to make vertical lines, and a pencil.
The author Stuart J. Murphy has some other cool and funny math books:
  • Divide and Ride
  • Betcha!
  • Too Many Kangaroo Things To Do

 Have fun with math!

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