Friday, January 6, 2012

Writing Poems about Clouds

Combining Science and Language Arts

To help children get ready to write a poem(s) about clouds students should first observe clouds in the sky (read yesterday's blog post here) and if possible read some books (fiction or non-fiction) about clouds and observe cloud pictures.

Suggested Formats for Poems

Format 1 - Descriptive Poem

~ Review the names of different types of clouds and their descriptions (read yesterday's blog post here)
~ Brainstorm adjectives used to describe clouds.
~ Brainstorm verbs that are related to clouds and cloud movement.

Format for poem:
  • 1st line: Name of cloud
  • 2nd line: 3 adjectives that describe the cloud
  • 3rd line: 3 verbs related to the cloud
  • 4th line: a phrase about the cloud
  • 5th line: name of cloud or synonym
  • Draw a cloud around the poem!

Format 2 - Acrostic Poem

Use the letters of the word to begin each line in the poem.


Format 3 - Haiku (Japanese Poem)

The topic must be about nature. It has 3 lines.
  • 1st line: 5 syllables
  • 2nd line: 7 syllables
  • 3rd line: 5 syllables

Format 4 - Couplet

2 line poem that usually rhymes

Format 5 - Free Verse

poetry that does not include a patterned rhyme or rhythm

Format 6 - Syllable Cinquain

5 lines
  • 1st line: 2 syllables
  • 2nd line: 4 syllables
  • 3rd line: 6 syllables
  • 4th line: 8 syllables
  • 5th line: 2 syllables

As a follow up, students could illustrate their poems with pencils, paints, or other arts and crafts materials.

Have fun!

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