Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Evaporation? (Activities for Kids)

E-VAP-O-RA-TION ......   a BIG word for little kids!!!!

Here are some activities to help children learn the word and understand this process of a liquid (water) changing to an invisible gas (water vapor).

Activity 1

  • Place a clear plastic bowl or cup on a counter or windowsill. Fill it half full of water. 
  • Mark the water level with a permanent marker.
  • Have students PREDICT what they think will happen to the water.
  • Each day OBSERVE the level of water.
  • Sketch a picture of the cup and liquid in a science notebook/journal.
  • Observe again each day and sketch or record the data.
  • Ask the children the following questions? Is the water level the same? Is there more or less water? What happened to the water? Why?

Activity 2

  • Go outside on a bright sunny day.
  • Have students take sponge brushes and plastic or paper cups of water. (Sometimes the brushes are 20 for $1.00 at craft stores.)
  • Using a safe area (sidewalk, schoolyard, park etc.) have the students write their names (or draw a picture) on the pavement with the water. The pavement usually turns darker.
  • Can they still see their names after a few minutes?
  • Ask the children if they notice anything happening to their pictures. (They should be drying up as the water evaporates.) Ask the kids what happened to the water. Where did it go? What did it become? Why?

Activity 3

  • If you have access to an old fashioned chalkboard, have students wash the board with a sponge, then observe the board.
  • Several minutes later have students examine the board. Continue until all the water has evaporated.
  • Ask questions of students similar to the questions in activity 2.

Activity 4 

  • Use 2 plastic containers the same size. Fill each with water 1/3 full. Cover one container. Have the kids PREDICT what will happen to the water in each container. Each day OBSERVE the water in both containers. Does the water level stay the same in both containers? Have students DESCRIBE the level of water in each container. Compare/contrast the water levels. Explain why this is happening. Was your prediction correct?

Activity 5

  • If a clothesline is available, have children help hang wet clothes on a clothesline. 
  • As clothes start to dry ask questions similar to activity 2.

 Activity 6

  • Children may want to "celebrate" their knowledge of this new word!  Have children use foam, magnetic, or other letters to copy and spell the word evaporation. Display the word on a magnetic board, refrigerator door, etc. Have younger students clap out the syllables.
  • Children could also write out the word evaporation in bubble letters or with glitter glue or use another artistic method to practice writing and using this new vocabulary term.  These words could be added to a bulletin board display or word wall.

    Have fun!


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