Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weather Unit Introduction

With a new month and a new year (wow!), I'm beginning a new topic for this blog. This month we'll explore WEATHER and CLIMATE!

Weather is all around us. Meteorologists are always predicting the weather and people are always talking about the weather. It certainly is an important topic!


One way to start a new topic is to create a KWL Chart (a 3 column list) with your students.

  1. In the 1st column, list what the students think they Know about the topic.
  2. In the 2nd column, list what they Wonder about the topic. (They can list their questions about the topic here.)
  3. Save the chart until the topic/unit is complete.  At that time the students and teacher together can fill in the 3rd column by listing what the children have Learned.
You can visit Learning Workroom's Website for a FREE KWL Chart to download.

Click here:
Go to: Free Worksheets

Sometimes children confuse the terms WEATHER and CLIMATE. Here's a great video by Scholastic Study Jams that explains both terms and introduces students to the elements of weather and the different climate zones. There is also a quick quiz children can take after they watch the video.

~ Weather and Climate Video 

Hope the kids will have fun learning about weather and climate.


  1. through weather, young students can understand integers... increasing cold or reducing cold vs. increasing heat or decreasing heat.

  2. Thank you so much Nuna, those are GREAT math and science ideas to incorporate into this unit for younger students.
    Marcia :)



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