Thursday, October 19, 2023

Fun Pumpkin Paper Craft Activity for Kids

Pumpkin Craft  Activity or COLORING PAGE - Great for October & November!

Pumpkins are everywhere at this time of year!

Here is an easy, fun, inexpensive, little paper craft to make with the children this month and next month! :)


Pumpkin People are so cute. To make some with the kids you will need some crayons/ colored pencils/ markers, scissors, glue, computer paper and or construction paper, a printer and my FREE Template.

  • First have the kids color the pumpkin images.
  • Next help them cut out each image or do this yourself with younger kids.
  • Cut 4 thin construction paper strips for the arms and legs.
  • Have the kids fold each strip with an accordion fold.
  • Have the kids glue the arms and legs to the body and the hands and feet to the arms and legs.
  • Then the kids can add googly eyes or make eyes and a mouth with a crayon, pencil, or marker.

If you don't have time to make the pumpkin people, children can use the template as a simple pumpkin coloring sheet.

You can find the free template at my website (Learning Workroom) under Free Worksheets - Primary. 
Just click the link below.

TO MAKE A FUN CANDY CORN CRAFT, Click the link below:

Also, don't forget to look for some great Fall / Autumn books at the library to read with the kids this month! :)

Have a fun month!

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