Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inexpensive Heart-Shaped Bunny Craft Project

Happy almost Easter!

Here's an inexpensive but really cute little bunny that you can make with the kids with just a little more than a piece of construction paper.

  • construction paper (any color for the body)
  • heart shaped template (for tracing) and a pencil
  • scissors
  • crayons or magic markers
  • glue

Start by choosing a heart shape. It can be any size. I use cookie cutters or the small wooden templates from the dollar store or craft store. Often the wooden templates are 6 for $1.00.

Cut out 5 heart shapes all the same size. Also draw and cut out 2 small red circles and 3 small black strips (very thin rectangles) for the nose, mouth, and whiskers. An easier method is to draw the nose, mouth, and whiskers with crayons or markers at the end of this craft.

Optional: Choose 1 of the 5 heart shapes and trim it to make it a little smaller. (It will be the arms.)

Now take the smaller heart shape and 2 others and cut them in half .(See picture below.) These will be the arms, legs, and big bunny ears!

Glue all the pieces together as in the picture at the top of this blog post on another piece of construction paper!

Draw 2 eyes with a crayon or marker. Students could also outline or decorate the bunny.

Make more bunnies in different colors!  Older children can write a story about their bunny!

Have Fun and Happy Easter!


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