Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Easter Bunny Dice Containers for Math Games

WOW! It's almost spring and Easter is almost here!

Here are some fun Bunny Egg Containers to use during math time to 'contain' the dice in your students' favorite math games that use dice.

This package of 3 plastic bunny eggs was purchased at a Dollar Store.
One or two dice fit inside easily and keep the dice contained and not rolling off the table or desk.

It's easy enough for kids to see inside the front of the bunny eggs to read the numbers (and even easier to read from the back)!

I have already posted 2 different fun math games that can be played with the dice. Just click on the links below to get directions for the games.

Count to 100 Addition Dice Game

Odd and Even Dice Game

Have fun with math! 


  1. It is amazing how something as simple as this can spark the interest again in math games. I love all the inspiring ideas you post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Phyllis. I get tons of inspiration from your posts! :)
      Marcia :)



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