Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Time - Fun Paper Plate Clocks

Seasonal Decorated Paper Plate used to make a Fun Clock

At this time of year the children are so focused on the holidays! Use that interest to try some activities that have a holiday theme and are also educational.

A fun paper plate Holiday Clock can be made with the students then used to teach or review Telling Time or Elapsed Time.

You can make lots of clocks with a simple paper plate. Use a white paper plate and paint it a fun color, or use any of the fun colors found at dollar stores (usually 20 plates for $1.00), or a seasonal decorated paper plate found at supermarkets, craft stores, etc.

Supplies Needed
  • paper plates
  • sticky foam numbers (or a marker to write the numbers)
  • heavy paper or foam to make the clock hands
  • scissors
  • paper fastener (1 per plate)
  • Construction Paper or Christmas stickers (optional)
  • Paint + paint brush, Markers, Crayons (optional)
  • Glue (optional)

Plain Red Paper Plate used to make a Fun Clock

The Christmas clock pictured directly above was made with a plain red paper plate. The tree in the middle of the  plate is a paper gift tag that can be glued or fastened to the center of the plate to give the clock a festive look. Children can also design or color their own trees with drawing or construction paper and crayons. The clock hands are made from foam sheets purchased at a Dollar store. The foam clock numbers were also purchased at a Dollar Store (200 numbers in a package)! A package of paper fasteners was purchased at Staples.

Have fun at Christmas Time learning about Time!

For more examples of paper plate clocks and some cool telling time resources for kids, click on the link below:


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