Monday, February 13, 2012

Make a Baseball Paper Plate Clock Craft

Baseball season will be starting up soon. The major league teams have headed off to their training camps.

So in honor of a new baseball season, let's make a paper plate baseball clock with the kids and sneak in some math measurement lessons.

  • paper plate
  • baseball sticky-back foam stickers (can be found at crafts stores)
  • marker(s)
  • cardboard or foam to make clock hands
  • scissors
  • paper fastener

  • Adhere 12 baseball stickers around the clock.
  • Write in the numbers 1-12 in the appropriate spaces.
  • Draw and cut out 2 clock hands.
  • Insert the paper fastener through both clock hands then through the center of the plate.
  • Students can decorate their clocks and add the names of their favorite baseball teams to their clocks, if desired.
Here are some variations.

Use 2 baseball bats for the clock hands.

Add in the name of your favorite team!

You can also make a football, soccer, or basketball clock. All of these stickers can be found at craft stores.

Don't forget to take your craft coupons! I used one to buy the stickers. I often post the coupons on my facebook and twitter pages. Please follow me there.  :)

Have fun with math and sports!

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