Thursday, November 10, 2011

3D Snowflake Craft Activity

This Snowflake Craft Activity was found in Family Fun Magazine.

  • 1 paper towel roll or 2 toilet paper rolls (It's great to recycle!)
  • paint (optional)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paper punch
  • 3 chenille stems (pipe cleaners) white, silver, etc.

  • Paint the paper towel roll, if desired (white or other color).
  • Allow time for the paint to dry.
  • Cut the paper towel roll into sections approx. 3/4 inch wide. You will need about 10 sections.
  • Use the punch and punch 2 holes in each section. Each hole should be approx. 3/4 inch from the ends.
  • Thread all of your sections through a chenille stem. Curve the stem into a circle and twist the ends together.
  • Space the towel roll sections evenly on the chenille stem. This is the center of the snowflake.
  • Combine 2 chenille stems and repeat the process of threading it through the holes in the outer areas of the paper towel roll sections. Twist the ends of the stems together to make your second (but larger) circle.
  • Use an ornament hanger or string to hang your 3D snowflake on a tree, from the ceiling, in a window sill, etc.

    Curriculum Connections

    Math: This Snowflake Craft can be made when teaching a unit on 3D shapes or rotational symmetry in Geometry.
    Science: This craft can also be used when teaching about Weather and/or Precipitation. 
    (4 types of precipitation: rain, snow, sleet, hail)
    Language Arts: There are also numerous, excellent, fiction and non-fiction books that students can read that have a snow theme.
    (One of my all time favorites: Robert Frost's poem, Stopping by Woods..., illustrated by Susan Jeffers)


    1. Ooooh I love anything made out of paper tubes. This is great!

      Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


    2. Very cute idea! I am pinning it to use in january =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF> Don't forget to grab a TGIF button so others will find the party & link up too. Thanks & see you next week,
      Beth =-)

    3. Wow.. I am definitely making these with my kids! I already have the supplies in my house. Thanks so much for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday!

    4. That is a wonderful lesson! I would love it if you shared it with us on The Sunday Showcase
      Have a great weekend!

    5. Wow! This is creative and fun!

      Thanks for sharing on the Holiday Kid Craft Link Up!


    6. Great idea! We always have a Snow Day once a year and do lots of activities. This would be a wonderful new way to do snowflakes! Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from TGIF!

    7. Thanks for stopping by!
      As another New Englander, I hope we don't have lots of snow,.... just enough to do the fun crafts with the kids!
      Our weather today is fabulous (above normal temps.), hope you enjoyed the same!
      Marcia :)



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