Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frog Life Cycle Craft Project

Frog Life Cycle Stages (simple version)

  • egg
  • tadpole
  • frog
Here is a simple diagram that children can make. (color, cut, glue, label)

The template and directions for this simple version of the frog life cycle can be downloaded at DLTK's website by clicking here.

Materials needed to complete the poster are:
  • large piece of construction or other paper
  • printer and printer paper
  • crayons/markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • DLTK's template(s) - 2 sizes to choose from

There are lots of good books for children about frogs that will teach the frog life cycle. Plus I love posters, stuffed animals, and toys that can teach children science concepts in a fun way. Here is a sampling of resources available.

From Tadpole to Frog (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)    The Life Cycle of a Frog (Bobbie Kalman Books)

The Life Cycle of a Frog (Learning about Life Cycles)

A Frog's Life Cycle (Let's Look at Life Cycles)          Life Cycle of a Frog (Life Cycles)  A Frog's Life Cycle (Let's Look at Life Cycles)

Frog (Life Cycle of A...(Heinemann Paperback))   Life of a Frog (Life Cycles)

      Teacher Created Resources Frog Life Cycles Chart (7713)   Frog Life Cycle Poster

Frog Life Cycle Reversible

Butterfly & Frog Life Cycle Stages Set (10 Pc)
frog and butterfly life cycles


  1. Love these ideas thank you
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  2. Thanks Gae! I'm headed over to your site now. :) Marcia

  3. Very great idea! We are doing a small study for a different letter each week this year with my first grader and preschooler. I think we'll do this for the letter F. :)

  4. I love the book "From tadpole to frog" I used it for years teaching this unit. Also thank you for mentioning the small figures, many kids need to touch and feel things to make deep connections.

  5. love frogs!@@
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