Sunday, March 20, 2011

Favorite Flowers Survey and Frequency Chart

Combining Science with Math


In this activity, children can conduct a survey to find out their family and friends' favorite flowers. They can follow up the activity by making a frequency chart to display their data.

  • clipboard or notebook
  • pencil
  • ruler 

    • Have students poll their family and friends as to their favorite flower. They should list the flowers and mark a tally for each vote, then record this data (information) on a frequency chart.

    Frequency Chart

    • Older children could use the data from the frequency chart to create a bar or other graph to display their results.The graph should include:
                         ~ title
                        ~ columns (equal to the number of flowers)
                        ~ 2 labeled axis
                         ~a numerical scale starting at zero

    • Finally students should explain their data (oral or written). Which flower had the most votes? Which flower had the fewest votes? Etc.
    • More advanced math students can also find the mean, medium, mode, maximum, minimum, and range for the data.

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