Thursday, January 29, 2015

Football People Craft Activity for Kids

With Super Bowl only a few days away, I thought you might like a little craft to do with the kids!
This paper craft is super easy and only needs a few supplies.

Super Bowl  - Go Pats!

Supplies needed:
  • paper - any kind is fine!
  • scissors
  • crayon or marker
  • google eyes (or use crayon or marker to make eyes)
  • glue, paste, or stapler

Supplies for Craft Project

  •  Have students, draw a football on a piece of construction paper or any kind of paper (even a brown paper bag!)  Basicly draw an oval type shape. This is the body. For younger students, make a template that they can trace. Also draw 4 small footballs to be the hands and feet.
  • Cut 4 thin strips of paper for the arms and legs. Then fold the strips back and forth accordion style.
  • Staple or glue the arms and legs to the body. Then staple or glue the hands and feet.
  • Glue on the google eyes or draw eyes and a mouth! :)
You can also make this craft any time of year and choose your students' favorite team colors!

I also have a fun football Odd and Even Coloring page for your kids! Just click on the link below.

Check out my Pinterest Board - "February" for other craft and educational ideas for Football Season, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, etc. Just click the link below.

Enjoy Super Bowl!!!!!!


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