Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Soltice and Snowman Paper Plate Clock

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac winter will START in 3 days on December 21 at 12:11 PM!!!!! But if you look out any of my windows you will already see LOTS of snow.

Winter in New England

This is a great time to get in a science lesson teaching the younger kids about the 4 seasons and the older kids about the Winter Solstice (if you live in the northern hemisphere).  On December 21 (the winter solstice), we will have the shortest day of the year (fewest hours of sunlight).This is caused by the Earth's orbit and the axis of the Earth being tilted away from the Sun (in the northern hemisphere). The angle of the tilt is 23.44 degrees.

You could also tie in a math lesson about time by making a fun winter paper plate clock with the kids. Instead of using a decorated plate as pictured below, the kids could draw their own snowman or other winter theme on a plain paper plate then add the extras to turn their paper plate into a clock. This will be great to use all winter during math lessons.

Snowman Paper Plate Clock

Listed below are some links to help teach about the Seasons and directions for making  paper plate clocks.

Scholastic Study Jams - Weather and Seasons

Christmas Paper Plate Clock

Have fun!


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